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Let 3D Visualization Tell a Story

Marketing is more effective when you can tell a story. People want to buy an experience, not just a product. At ImageFiction Inc., we offer 3D visualization so that you can tell more effective stories.


Consumers get excited about the possibilities that are offered when you tell a story. You can tell people how a commercial property can offer a great retail front or how a home’s kitchen can offer a great entertaining space. However, it can be hard for you to tell this story using only a floor plan.


By working with us to create a 3D rendering, you can add graphics to the designs that you have. This way, you’re able to paint more of a picture of the possibilities within a space. We’ll use premium graphics and animations so that people can “see” the retail space come alive or see how the entertaining would actually play out.


With decades of experience in 3D visualization, we have a unique ability to ensure that you are able to shine. We take a custom approach with every client to ensure that your vision is shared properly.


Think about the kind of story that you want to tell within your property. Regardless of whether you’re a developer, a builder, a real estate agent or even a party planner, we can show you how a 3D rendering will tell a story. Once you’re able to tell a story, you can provide the needed hook to get people interested in what you’re telling people.


You want to make sure that people have confidence in what you’re telling them. Unfortunately, not everyone is as creative and as imaginative as you want them to be. They can’t picture the space as the blank shell like it is now. However, with the help of our photographers, designers, and digital artists, we can add in the story elements that you need.

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