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Multi-talented, whirlwind, phenomenon, energetic, generous, visionary… these and other qualities all describe ImageFiction’s founder and creative director, Eric Brightfield.


Having joined the 100-year-old architectural firm Holabird & Root in the mid-80s, ten years later Eric started ImageFusion, an in-house division specializing in architectural visualization. With the increasing demand for these new services and with an eye to employing the latest technology and pioneering new techniques, Eric formed ImageFiction, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017.


Eric was an active member of ASAI (American Society of Architectural Illustrators), serving a term as president and hosting the annual AIP21 (Architecture in Perspective Conference) in Chicago. Over his career-long association with ASAI, Eric and ImageFiction’s work were recognized with the many honors awarded by the organization, including its Award of Excellence, Jurors Award and Presidents Award.


Eric’s untimely passing in November 2016 left a great void for all that he touched… his family and friends, the industry he so loved and helped to grow, the firm he nurtured through good times and rough, clients who had been with the firm since its inception, and the many colleagues, employees and students he mentored. Today’s ImageFiction continues with a team of dedicated artists, all of whom having had the privilege of working with Eric. It is they who carry on his legacy and keep ImageFiction at the forefront of the architectural visualization industry.

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