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Explore Architectural Imagery as a Marketing Tool

People want to see what you have. They want to picture the possibilities. At ImageFiction Inc., we offer architectural imagery that allows you to move beyond basic floor plans. You can use photography, animation, and more to market your properties, even before they’ve been completely built.


For decades, we’ve worked with developers and builders to help to sell properties. We’ve even worked with real estate agents to sell homes and venues to rent event space.


You have to think about what people want from your space. Do they want it for retail space? Do they want it to throw parties? Are they looking for a professional office space? Once you know the goals of your target customer, you can use architectural animation as a marketing tool.


We have the ability to bring a space to life, even if you haven’t finished building it. We use photographs, floor plans and more, powered by digital graphics, to offer a rendering. This allows people to see more of what the space is going to look like and understand the possibilities.


We can create a film as though it is a video into the window of your property. We’ll show people walking around, interacting with the unique elements, and more. It allows people to feel comfortable that your property can do what they need it to do.


More and more people are using technology to help them with marketing their properties. We have the creative approach that you need to ensure that your clients can explore the opportunities that exist within your vision. By working closely to understand your needs, we’ll breathe life into your ideas.


Contact us today to learn more about our architectural imagery services. We’ll show you how architectural animation and photography can be used to achieve your goals more successfully.

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